Our mission is to become a household name for providing ordinary people with new affordable option for purchasing high cost products like 5-Star Vacations, Car Ownership, coming soon even Home Ownership and more incredible products for Just $10 as we empower the community of YourLife Crowd members with the opportunity to live a higher quality of life.


How can someone buy a 5-Star Vacation, Car or a House for Just $10?

Well, actually with the fundamentals of human connection when enough people pursue a common goal, this becomes quite simple. We pre-purchase quality products and then invite enough people to compete in our $10 Auction Game and by having them pay a "Game Fee" we recover our costs of providing the product. This then positions us to sell the product to the Game Winner at the incredible price of Just $10.

At any given time there are numerous raffles (churches) or sweepstakes (non-profits) contest are being conducted across the US where a bunch of people pay for a "chance" to be randomly selected as the winner. However, unlike those random "games of chance" that gift the product to a "lucky" winner, players of the $10 Auction Game pay a "Game Fee" to strategically compete against each other and the Winner has the option to BUY the product from us for Just $10. (See our Game Rules and FAQs pages for more details).

The simple truth is, until the $10 Auction Game powered by RUTPOCS purchasing expensive essential items have been reserved for people with financial means (Cash, Credit or High Income). The $10 Auction Game levels the playing field to offer people who have just a few dollars the opportunity to purchase many high cost essential items like 5-Star Vacation Packages, to Vehicles without a car loan and soon even buy a House without a mortgage.

Yes, Ownership without financial debt, that's what we call True Ownership!

Additionally, because of the life enhancing benefits, all sales via the $10 Auction Game are done under the brand "YourLife Products"

2019 Hyundai
Sante Fe XL


Purchase Price up to $25,000

Aruba 5-Star
Vacation Package


Retail Value up to $25,000

Cancun 5-Star Vacation Package


Retail Value up to $25,000

Major Brands
Reward Cards


Pre-Funded with



Pre-Funded with



Retail Value up to $25,000


Buy Vacations, Cars and more...


Playing the $10 Auction Game

The $10 Auction Game by RUTPOCS is an exciting multi-play auction game where players compete by submitting multiple "Target Play" amounts to be the closest to the Game's "Target Number". The Game winner gets to buy high quality products for just $10.

It's just that simple

Register for a Game

Buy Game Target Play Credits

Each Game Fee buys Three (3) "Target Play Credits" for participation.

Select the Game

On Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard provides all the information you'll need to play the Game.

Identify the Game

Target Number

Each Game has a specific Target Number that players compete to be the closest to.

Be Strategic

Submit Your Target Play Amount

Strategically submit your Target Play amounts to compete in the game.


Receive Confirmation

Each Target Play submission generates a confirmation notification.


Winning Target Play

The Winner of the Game is notified. See Game Winner for more details.

Through the power of RUTPOCS the $10 Auction Game is the only platform that empowers the Crowd to use high demand to drive down the effective cost of products and enable the Game Winner to buy high quality products for just $10.

Auction Game "Fee" Categories:

1) CURRENT: $10 Game Fee - for 5-Star Vacation Packages (retail value up to $25,000), Vehicle Purchasing (up to $35,000) and other soon to be released YourLife Products.

2) COMING SOON: Residential Real Estate (with retail values up to $400,000).

Each Auction Game Winner gets to buy one of our offered Products for JUST $10.

Ready To Play?

Win and Buy Any Product for Just $10