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Our socially conscious Products are strategically designed to enhance the quality of life for ordinary people. Including 5-Star Vacation Packages, Vehicle Purchase, and move-in ready Houses in family friendly neighborhoods selected for great Owner Occupancy or Investment Properties.

All YourLife Products have a Purchase Option Price of $10

  • • Custom Vacation Packages created for your enjoyment
  • • The Vehicles are SELECTED BY YOU based on your needs
  • • Our Houses are Mortgage-Free & Move-In Ready
  • • Our YourLife Solutions are DEBT-FREE purchases
  • • Our YourLife Solutions have Immediate Equity Value

RUTPOCS harnesses the Power of the Crowd to Drive Down Your Effective Cost

  • • RUTPOCS gives the Shared Economy a new purpose
  • • RUTPOCS uses proprietary software to benefit the Crowd
  • • RUTPOCS uses High Demand to reduce costs
  • • RUTPOCS will continue to add new Product Solutions
  • • RUTPOCS provides an unprecedented $10 Purchase Price

RUTPOCS Provides

Products that Enhance "YourLife"

RUTPOCS creatively utilizes existing technologies in conjunction with proprietary integration techniques to advance how ordinary people can live and prosper in the Shared Economy era. As an ingeniously simplistic solution, RUTPOCS is destined to go viral and revolutionize the way Millennials and future generations thrive with the empowered ability to Live Free of Bad Debt obligations by our YourLife Products.

Currently, RUTPOCS stands as the only place where people can pursue Buying ("Demand") high quality products ("Supply") and actually drive "down" the effective cost of the products! Which it should be noted, this is the total opposite of traditional capitalism where High Demand drives up the cost of Supply.

RUTPOCS is not a Raffle, Lottery (they are games of "chance" that can often have your chances to win higher than 200 Million to 1) or a traditional Auction (where people with more money have an inherent advantage to pay more than others). RUTPOCS Auction Game uses a Crowd Purchasing technique in a fun game format to equally empower ALL Players with the ability to do what many people DON'T have the traditional means to do. RUTPOCS enables the Game Winner to buy high quality products for JUST $10!

Why People Love RUTPOCS

We're Passionate

About Enhancing YourLife

Our mission is to Enhance
the lives of Ordinary People

We're US Based

Headquartered in Las Vegas

With Management Assets
Across the Nation

We're Innovative

RUTPOCS is One of a Kind

A Multi-Play Auction Game,
where all products sell for Just $10

We're Socially Conscious

Delivering Products That Matter

Enjoy the Self-Empowerment of
Debt-Free Ownership

No Credit Checks

No Income Requirements

All YourLife Products
are sold for JUST $10

No Financing

Totally Debt-Free

No Installment Payments
No Auto Loans