Random Unique Target Purchase Option Competition System

Playing RUTPOCS is unique and rewarding. Here are some general instructions on how to play RUTPOCS.

The Games (is the RUTPOCS Competition "Game" for a particular YourLife Product) are started by RUTPOCS automatically setting a Target Number (in US Dollars and Cents) that will remain static throughout the respective game, this number will be RANDOM and different for each game and will be displayed for all Players participating in the in Game.

The Target Number has no correlation to a price of the YourLife Product being sold, it's a random number that's only used doing the game as a target for Players to strategically play (submit) a number (Target Play) that could be the “UNIQUE NUMBER” CLOSEST to the TARGET.

The Unique Number is defined as a Target Play number that was only played once during the game. Closest is defined as the number that is numerically closest to the RUTPOCS Target Number whether the number is higher or lower than the Target Number.

1. RUTPOCS will set the TARGET Number from the range of numbers for the game.

2. Each Player has Three (3) Target Plays per “paid” Game fee to get the closest to the TARGET Number for that Game, but also playing a number that no one else plays. There is no maximum amount of Target Plays that a Player can buy and play in a game.

3. The Players will determine and submit their Target Plays within the number range of the Game they want to play in.

4. Example: RUTPOCS sets the number range for this game at $0.01 to $300.00 and sets the Target Number at $70.50, this is the number that the Players will see and play to get the closest to.

5. Fast forward - the target is $70.50, and all Players have submitted their Target Plays and your play of $73.12 is not only a unique number meaning you are the only Player that played this number but it's also the closest unique number to the RUTPOCS Target Number.

6. After all Target Plays scheduled for the game have been submitted, RUTPOCS will close the game and identify the Closet-Unique number as the winner because it's unique and closest to the Target Number.

7. The winner will then have the Purchase Option to buy the product being sold for JUST $10.00.

8. RUTPOCS will notify the winner via the notification method in their account profile with the instructions for processing their YourLife Product purchase. The winner then pays the invoice for the Purchase Option of JUST $10 and becomes the sole owner of the YourLife Product.

RUTPOCS is not a game of chance, it's a competitive game of skill governed by rules for players to use strategic placement and the winner is rewarded with the option to buy the YourLife Product for JUST $10 regardless of its retail value!

Questions about How to Play should be sent to us at support@rutpocs.com.