RUTPOCS Auction Game Winner

The RUTPOCS Auction Game Winner will receive the following:

1. RUTPOCS Auction Game Trophy

2. YourLife Crowd, RUTPOCS Crowdpurchasing Game WINNER Certificate

The RUTPOCS Crowdpurchasing Game Winner Certificate is a memorabilia and has no monetary value to the Winner.

Crowdpurchasing Auction Game Winner

Game Winner Certificate

3. YourLife Crowd - YLC FlexPon Certificate

The YLC FlexPon Certificate is provided as record of full Beneficial Entitlement for the Purchaser.

$1,500 YLC FlexPon Certificate

$10,000 YLC FlexPon Certificate

$25,000 YLC FlexPon Certificate

Eligible Assignment of Beneficial Rights of
YourLife Crowd YLC-FlexPon Certificate

It is in the spirit of Enhancing the Quality of your life that our Crowdpurchasing Game powered by RUTPOCS was developed. We empower our Game Winners with the ability to transfer / assign the Beneficial Rights of the YLC FlexPon Certificates.

Below are the eligibility rules for the YLC FlexPon Certificates

Any Direct Family Member of the Game Winner.

A Direct Family Member is defined as follows:
A Legal Parent
A Legal Sibling
A Legal Son or Daughter
A Legal Grandparent

Proof of Legal Relationship may be required


As YourLife Crowd & RUTPOCS grow into a household names for providing every-day people with life enhancing product solutions in addition to expanding the memorabilia items that the Crowdpurchasing Game Winners receive, we will expand the application use of the YLC FlexPon Certificates to provide additional Purchasing Power.